Planned talks

We are looking for new speakers for the last couple of talks. If you are interested, don’t hesitate to e-mail us!

For the time being, the seminar will happen via Zoom. You can join via the link in the schedule below. If you are planning a talk, it’s good to schedule a meeting via Zoom before hand. One does this by logging in to Zoom, and then clicking ‘schedule meeting’. If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us.

Due to recent developments, we are moving around some talks, so the the schedule is changing and might change some more.

Here is an updated version of the overview of the talks

There has been a slight schedule change to sync with the location of the graduate student seminar.

The schedule is tentative and subject to change. The time is always 10:15-12:00. Note the meeting on Thursday April 30 instead of Friday May 1.

January 311.1: ∞-categoriesHereAlice HedenlundKTH, 3418
February 71.2: Stable ∞-categoriesDan PetersenSU, room 16
February 141.3: SpectraHereLouis HainautKTH, 3418
February 211.4: S_• -construction and K_0HereThomas BlomKTH, 3418
February 281.5: Reduction to K-theory of spectraHereRobin StollSU, room 16
March 132.1: Higher topos theoryHereJeroen HekkingSU, room 16
March 271.6: Universality and localization for K-theory (Slides)HereHere Kristian Moi Zoom
April 172.2: Derived schemesHereStefan Reppen Zoom
April 301.8: Connections to classical K-theory (Slides)HereHereErik Lindell Zoom
May 222.3: Derived StacksHereHereEric AhlqvistZoom
June 52.4: Perfect complexes and K-theory of stacksHereHereAsaf HorevZoom
June 122.5: K-theory of projective bundles & blow-ups (Slides)HereHereJeroen HekkingZoom
June 26 1.7: Non-connective K-theory (Slides) Zoom password 528897HereThomas KraghZoom